Navigation / Internal Notifications

The Notification function in Summit is designed to assist the User in managing their workload by updating the User when others have commented or changed a status.

Navigating the Notifications

Notifications are located at the top of the Navigation pane. When there are new notifications, a number badge appears next to Notifications indicating how many new notifications there are since notifications was last opened. Opening the Notifications will remove the badge.

Notification Badge

Clicking on the Notifications opens up a list of the notifications. To close the notifications, click on Notifications.

Notification Unread Indicator

Sorting Notifications

The notifications are organized by proposal. The most recent notifications for each proposal are grouped together.

Notifications grouped by proposal

Notifications can also be sorted by date by clicking on the “date” option at the top. This will sort the notifications into three categories, “last 24 hours,” “last 7 days,” and “all remaining,” with most recent at top.

Notifications sorted by date

To sort by proposal again, click the sort by “work” option

Text of Notifications

The text of the notifications includes the following information:

Notification Text

Notification Text Example

Unread and Active Indicators

Unread notifications are indicated with a bar on the left side. Read notifications do not have a bar.

Unread Notification

Clicking on the notification takes the User to the applicable section of the proposal and marks it as read.

Click on Notification to be Taken to Proposal Section

When a User has clicked on a notification, it is indicated as the active notification by the dark highlighting

Active Notification

Deleting Notifications

Notifications remain in the Notifications list until deleted by the User. To delete a notification from the list, the User can click on the "x" icon that appears when hovering over the notification.

Notification Trashcan Icon

Notifications can also be deleted in bulk - To delete all notifications, click on the "Clear All" at the top

Clear All Notifications

Clear All Proposal Notifications

Clear All Time Frame Notifications

Types of Notifications

Notifications are sent and a badge will appear or increase in number in the following circumstances:

New Budget Requested

When a Proposal Team or Support Staff User requests a budget from the Proposal Editor, a notification is sent to the Pre-Award Associate. Proposal Team and Support Staff do not receive a new budget request notification.

Budget Request Notification

New Comment or Reply

When a User makes a comment or replies to a comment, other Users with full access to the proposal will receive a notification. The comments or replies can be made at any available place in the Editor or directly in the Comments log (see below for further information on the Comments Log).

New Comment Notification

Document Status Change

When a User updates the status of a Budget Development document, the other Full Access Users on the proposal will be notified of the change.

Change Status Notification

See Budget Development section below for more information on status changes.