Release 2.17 - May 2019

Subcontractor Questions

Release 2.16 - April 2019

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Limited Submission Informational Help

Release 2.15 - March 2019

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Submission Info Section

Release 2.14 - February 2019

Release 2.13 - January 2019

Release 2.12 - December 2018

Release 2.11 - November 2018

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Release 2.10 - October 2018

Release 2.9 - September 2018

Release 2.8 - August 2018

Release 2.7 - July 2018

Release 2.6 - June 2018

Release 2.5 - May 2018

Release 2.4 - April 2018

Release 2.3 - March 2018

Release 2.2 - February 2018

Release 2.1 - September 2017

Release 2.0 - August 2017

Video Tutorials

1. Get Started redesign

Proposal Initiator Start Screen

Get Started will have all 3 options as seen above

2. Advance redesign

Proposal Advance Start Screen

Advance from within a proposal and you will see the same options as you do in the Get Started, except "Start New Work".

3. Types of Work updated We have removed "Revision" and "Other" as a Types of Work. For "Revision", you are now able to revise to the Type of Work you're are advancing from (ex. "Proposal" to "Proposal"). For "Other", you can specify if it is a "Supplement" or "Continuation". This brings the current Type of Works that can be used in Summit as: White Paper, Letter of Intent, Pre-Proposal, Proposal, Supplement, Continuation

4. History Log Users will now have the ability to view a list of all Types of Work that have been linked to each other via the advance feature.

Below shows the display in Summit when a user clicks "History". Sorted by creation date, the earliest work will be at the bottom and most recent created at the top. All types of work in that cycle can be accessed from another other work while having the History display up, simply click the hyperlink of the Proposal ID.

Tools History Sequence

Note: The History Log will only show work created after the release of this new feature, 8/18/17.  Works advanced before then will not display in the history log

5. Minor Updates
- Compliance questions updated (OESRC and IRB) - Newly created proposals will only have the new questions. - All existing proposals will have the new OESRC questions added alongside the older ones.
- Before a proposal can be routed, the new questions will need to be answered by PI/Proposal team.
- Proposals already In-Routing or Approved will have those questions added as well but they will NOT be needed to be answered to get the proposal to next status level. - Year Displayed in the Proposal Summary if not current year - CDA/NDA requirement question added in the Submission Information section - Various Bug Fixes - Increased proposal summary pane width (Updated view shown below) New Summary Width

Release 1.4 - May 2017

Release 1.3 - March 2017